Story Line Mercedez Benz S-Class

Mercedes Benz S-Class

When the Mercedes Benz released the model for the 2007 – the S550, the vehicle created a big buzz with the latest features with use of cutting-edge technologies, including night vision system and the cruise control system based on the radar that could bring the vehicle to a full stop.

As you might imagine, winter tires are for winter. You’ll want to swap them out for summer or all-weather tires from roughly mid-April to mid-November in most parts of the United States. You’ll have to spend some extra money on tires to have set for two seasons, but the upgrade in safety is worth the expense.

The 2012 Lexus LS comes in two versions: the LS 460, the extended wheel-base model referred to as LS 460L and the hybrid LS 600h L which is the latest in this well-known premium luxury sedan line showcasing top levels of technology, interior furnishings, and an unparalleled driving refinement. It distinguishes itself from the rest by handsome styling, impeccable fit and, for the first time an extended wheelbase model. With its spacious, high-quality interior and relatively low base price, reviewers term this as the choice for buyers demanding luxury, comfort, and value. The question, therefore, is: which of the two is the heavyweight champion?

The 2005 Mercedes-Benz S600 sedan is part of the W221 S-Class. It’s notable features are the twin-turbocharged V12 engine. This engine produces 493 horsepower making it the most powerful car in the S-Class outside of the AMG Models. The S600 has a coupe-like profile, complete with a black grille and smooth under the body to improve airflow. It also has side curtain-type airbags that deploy from the roofline to protect the occupant’s head and side-impact airbags that are installed at each door. The car also has an Electronic Stability Program system and a Pre-Safe system which can recognize an impact before it can happen.