BMW i Series Story Line

BMW I Series

Create a passkey and enter it on your phone. This can be any number up to 16 digits in length. After you enter it on your phone, you will have 30 seconds to enter the same number on your car’s display by scrolling to each digit with the controller. Once you enter the second passkey, your Bluetooth connection is established.

BMW has a relatively low volume of output when compared to other manufacturers, but it is their huge amount of cash reserves (saved during the good times) that will keep them solvent through hard times in the new car market. Toyota also has a large cash reserve to get through the hard times, but because of a somewhat bland model lineup, Toyota has one of the lowest customer loyalty rates of any Japanese manufacturer.

BMW built a plant in Kallinigrad, in the westernmost part of the country, in 1999. In 2009, BMW sold more than 16,000 cars and sees Russia, too, as part of its overall Asian strategy. In all cases, BMW appeals to the newly rich in these “transition” economies, providing affluent people with status symbols to match their newfound wealth.