Audi A-Series Story Line

Audi A-Series

The final meeting is designed to close loose ends, discuss the management response and address the scope of the audit. The ninth step is the report distribution, where the final audit report is sent to appropriate officials inside and outside the audit area. The last step is the audit feedback whereby the audited company implements the recommended changes and the auditors review and test the quality, adherence and effects of the adopted changes. This continues until all issues are adopted and the next audit cycle begins.

A model number is used to differentiate one product in a series from another. Model numbers are commonly used in many different types of product manufacture. Letters are sometimes used along with numbers in the coding. There is no standard format for how the letters and numbers are used; companies are free to decide how they want to use them.

When a worker receives an on-the-job injury, the physician performs an evaluation in regards to the extent of the injury and whether you can return to work. The physician may assign you a maximum medical improvement rating. This rating is a percentage based upon the bodily damage you received. A permanent partial disability status is assigned when the physician believes that the area of damage caused by the work accident will not improve over an extended period of time. The insurance company and the employer both use this MMI rating percentage to determine the amount of liability benefits you will receive.